blonde Escorts in Dubai

blonde escorts Dubai

blonde Escorts in Dubai

blonde escorts in Dubai have been getting the limelight with the boom in the country’s domestic tourism industry. In the recent past, many famous celebrities have been spotted enjoying their vacation in the emirate. Among them are supermodels Christy Turlington and James King, American football star John Edwards, pop star Sunny O’ Neil, supermodels Cara Delevingne and Liana Kerzner, and Hollywood actresses Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston. The agencies dealing in these exotic beauties are getting more and popular as more tourists get interested in seeing exotic women. And why not, Dubai has everything for everyone from sky diving to surfing and casino gambling!

So what are blonde escorts in Dubai exactly? They are the wives or partners of white collar workers who have been illegally brought over from Pakistan and working there under the pretext of working. They end up staying in a poor family home and after a few months, they decide to leave to find the security of a good life in Dubai. To find the right kind of blonde companion in Dubai, one needs to join an agency which caters to such people.

This is where the real job of the agency directors starts. They register new customers and find out if their prospectives are eligible for a blonde escort girl or not. If the candidates are eligible then the agency shifts them to a hotel or a villa and starts planning a vacation. These agencies offer the services of male and female abu dhabi models to cater to the needs of the client.

The first step in this process involves finding out the qualifications of the client. This includes personal history, education and work experience. After going through this file the agency sends representatives to the client’s workplace and assesses whether the candidates are suitable or not. Once the agency has made its choice, the representatives of the agency approach the appropriate authorities of the state to set up an outcall center. From the assessment of the Dubai society, the blonde escorts are selected.

Another interesting thing about the blonde escorts available in Dubai is that they do not all come from the western parts of the country. Some come from Pakistan too. A blonde UAE escort is required to have a valid passport and a legal age of 18 years. The requirements of the UAE escort agency include a clean past record and the ability to speak fluent English.

An interesting feature is that all the qualified foreign escorts in Dubai have to undergo the same recruitment procedure. It is only when a suitable candidate is found, he/she is given a detailed interview. The interview session is to assess not only the candidate’s knowledge and skills but also the kind of personality that is needed to deal with the clients. As it can be seen from the work experience, those who have been working in the Pakistani agency market for many years are not only able to deal with customers effectively but also in a very good manner. There is no doubt that the blonde Pakistani escorts are the best of all the blonde escort services available in Dubai.