What Makes the Lady-Serving Girls in Leeds Special?

It is difficult to say when exactly Leeds became known as the city of escorts, but it was certainly a while ago. In fact the whole idea that Leeds is only the female equivalent of London, and not the other way around, seems antediluvian. Well, that may be so, but today, for the many, the said older and fresher city of the most outrageous and most daring escorts in Leeds has been reborn. And it’s all down to the one and only Leeds City Ladies (LCL).

escorts in Leeds

LCL, or Ladies Leisure (or Co-ed Ladies), may be short for Ladies’ Leisure Club, but in reality it is a much more exciting and dynamic concept than that. Unlike traditional spas and gyms, and other supposedly “women only” establishments, LCL are for ladies – complete with all the perks of group eating, drinking, dancing, and sexual service available. However, this is not the first time that Leeds have seen the rise of LCL. Some of the most famous Leeds escorts in Leeds include Emma Rees, and Sophia Davies. These were from the famous city of Birmingham, England and they started out as an outcast, or escort, service.

Their concept was essentially that girls would travel to a club, and there they would have a meeting with a client for a friendly chat. From there they would head home or on to a home straight from the club. At this point they would use the LCL Girls Website and find some equally well-groomed and well-hung boys to join them. In essence, they would be part of an evening’s entertainment, if you will.

The model has certainly worked out extremely well for the Leeds based escort business, and a lot of other similar services, because women that would normally never see a “real” clientele, suddenly find themselves drawn into the Leeds glamour, or escorts market. When the same girls use LCL, it becomes the “in” thing to do for many of these women, and even if they did not initially plan to use their membership for hire in the first place, they begin to feel the power of having their own online provider of their very own escort girls.

There have also been discussions on whether or not the girls should visit a regular club before joining a club at the end of the day, with the belief that by doing so, more interest in the girls would be generated, and they would then be more likely to go to the next club the following day. The general consensus, however, is that clubs have a certain level of professionalism about them, and they seem to be more of a role model for women. Of course, Leeds itself is a great place to meet people who want to have a good time, in a relaxed environment.

One thing that must be said about the Leeds City Ladies – they do have their own website and are really quite adept at making customers feel special. Every customer account is actually accompanied by a virtual gift card, which can be redeemed in the event of a special evening, or for a larger sum of money if necessary.

There are also a number of other online directories, and this includes those which provide comprehensive profiles of potential male escorts, including price lists and background information. These are usually much more useful, since the “girls’ club” concept has been assimilated into the contemporary world of online dating. The female client can take advantage of the opportunity to see a man first hand and get a feel for the personal nature of his charm and personality, without having to leave her home or see him face to face.

However, in Leeds, one has to be careful of meeting too many of these guys, because one will usually end up getting out of hand with all the pairings, that can make for a very messy evening. So it is probably better to stick to the one and only – the local girls.